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Experienced lawyers, The Cambodia Law Services (CLS)

      When you have any legal concern involving your family, your personal injury or your business. It is in your best interests to have it resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible. You may need a professional assistant and adviser to help you to get rid of such worry and stress as soon as possibible, so that you can move forward with your life. Our experienced attorneys have appeared in courts throughout Cambodia. We have the requisite skills needed to effectively present and defend your case in front of a judge and trial panel.
      To find the right person to help you, it is very crucial decision. When you choose a lawyer to work for your case either it is a personal injury, family matter or business law need, you want someone who is not only experienced, but dedicated to providing the quality legal counseled and personalized service you deserve. At the Cambodia Law Services, we are committed to achieving our client's goals both in and out of the courtroom. Contact us so that we are able to offer our friendly and reliable services for you.
Objective of Representation and Defense

     CLS offers client-oriented representation. CLS serves your interests according to applicable law and provisions and relentlessly supports you to achieve your goals in both litigation and mediation. At our law office, you will never feel lonely. Of course, we work with you to develop a strategy and course of action for resolving the issue at hand in all area of law you need. You are always the main master of the project and we never proceed unless you satisfy with the plan. Whether your concern involves a family issue, divorce, personal injury, contract or business dispute, you will be informed about the progress of your case. After all, you will learn from us and we will learn from you as well.
Offering Alternative Dispute Resolution

     CLS believes that alternative dispute resolution is the fast and economical way to resolve civil disputes. We make every effort to resolve your legal concern by alternative methods, including mediation and reconciliation for the sake of your interests.
Cambodia Law Office
 #1FB-B,No .10 (VTRUST), St.109
Sangkat Mittapheap
Khan 7 Makara
Phnom Penh
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Cambodia Law Office #1FB-B,No .10 (VTRUST), St.109 Sangkat Mittapheap Khan 7 Makara Phnom PenhCambodia.